What Are The Things To Know Before You Go To Las Vegas?


Las Vegas is also called the Sin city and is one of the favorite destination for people of all ages. There is more to this city than the 24\7 gambling; there is an excellent architecture, pubs, live musical shows, gastronomic restaurants and much more. The visitors especially the first-timers are surprised by many things that are unique to Las Vegas. This city has a different custom, laws, etc. and first-timers do not know what not to do in vegas. From gambling to the drinking in pubs, this source will detail all the things you should know before you go to Vegas.

A wide range of hotels: This city has numerous hotels which are available at all prices. You can find the most expensive penthouse with a transfer from the airport in a luxurious car to budget-friendly hotels which is an excellent place to spend a night. There are places which are located in the middle of the strip, and there are hotels which are far away from the city too. Irrespective of the price you want to spend on accommodation, it is recommended that you stay close to the strip as you will save on the transportation.

You should be legally 21: There are many activities for youngsters below 21, but you can legally drink in the pubs only if you are 21. Having a valid Id will allow you to enjoy your stay without worry as the city is for adults and this law is enforced very strictly. But having said that this city is also trying its best to make itself a friendly place for families too. If you are under 21 and plan to visit, Vegas wait till your turn 21.

You can drink on the streets: There are very few places in America where you can drink on the streets, and Vegas is one of them. It is legal to walk on the streets with an alcoholic drink in hand. There are many places where they serve novelty drinks which is a must-try when you are there.

Getting a taxi is not easy: One of the things you cannot do in Vegas is to get a cab on any street. There are designated areas, where pick up and drop of passengers, is allowed. You can hire a taxi or share rides in those places only and often there will be long queues for them. So it is a good idea to stay close to the strip or allot at least half an hour to find transport to get to your destination. Dinner time or the end of a show is the peak time when it is somewhat difficult to get a cab.

Allot a gambling budget and stick to it: People visit Las Vegas for gambling but ensure that you stick to a budget as you will not always end up making money. Carry the amount of money you intend to spend on gambling and when that is over, don’t go to an ATM to withdraw cash as they charge a significant amount of fee. When you are out of money that you carried, it is the best time to walk out of the casino.

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